Salty Caramel variegato

Salty Caramel variegato

Gluten free

Caramel, such as chocolate, is the undisputable protagonist of the confectionery imaginary of everyone of us. Who has never tasted it in soft mou candies, in crème caramel or in the more classical birthday cakes?
Creamy and dense, it can be easily combined with chocolate, with cream or with yogurt, leaving an unforgettable and sensual taste to the palate.
In addition to the topping version, today the caramel line has one more ally: the salty caramel variegato, with a more fluid texture, more suitable for ice-cream and dessert refinishing.
The savoury taste is always given by the esteemed sweet sea salt from Cervia, particularly appreciated for it lightness and for not being intrusive.
The sweetened concentrated milk will oppose to its sweetness, giving texture and creaminess to the product.


concentrated sugared milk, glucose syrup, caramelised sugar (sugar, water) (12%), sweet sea salt from Cervia (1%), thickeners modified starch pectin, flavouring.

Use mode

ready to use, dose at will. Mix before use.

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Cod. 41849 - Bucket by kg. 3, carton of 4 buckets

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