Visions help dreams to come true and our aim is to make Fugar a company of excellence.

A Leader company, in continuous development where people are the centrality
and the authors of Success and have courage and determination to turn Dream into Reality.

A company which has always had and will have Courage to go on with absolute determination
facing with strength various challenges.

A team that works in order that changes make developments,
through the wish to bring itself into question and to grow up to improve itself.
This is only possible if people are encouraged by a strong passion for its own work,
team spirit and sense of belonging.

People of this kind, special people,
people that don’t accept mediocrity, could live up to work in Fugar.
People with Passion and capability to perpetuate a Dream, a Vision and a business Culture
built on strong basis, made up of Values.

Only companies that are able to perpetuate a Dream through the generations, a Vision and some Values,
will have a successful future, all the others are adressed to disappear because without a soul and a heart.

I’m sure this culture is already an heritage of many people that work in Fugar today.

Andrea Cinelli

The group

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