Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

EC Regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, in force since 19/04/2004, rule the use of genetically modified raw materials - defined GMO - and oblige all producers of foodstuffs to declare on the label the possible presence of genetically modified organisms and in particular specifies that:

"all ingredients, additives and flavours produced starting from GMO,
are subject to the obligation of GMO labelling".


Fugar Produzione Spa, with great satisfaction, underlines that all its productions are GMO free and that it can supply absolute guarantees to all our Customers, having formal declaration by part of its suppliers which declare the NOT PROVENANCE by genetically modified organisms.
Fugar highlights that the labels of all its production of compound ingredients do not mention the words GMO and therefore means that all Fugar production not foresee the use of raw materials from genetically modified organisms.
This guarantee is also provided to all customers through a specific declaration shown on the technical sheets of all references marked Fugar, which are attached to each invoice.

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