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The concept of total quality which is at the heart of our company includes a sense of responsibility and rigour in our relations with the local area and the community.


The future of our planet depends on our actions; this is why at Fugar, we have been working to help the environment for years, taking all the necessary measures to protect the nature that surrounds us.


fugar responsabile

Fugar is actively involved in numerous projects and development activities all over the world, designed to offering under-privileged children and young people a new chance in life and a working future in order to restore their dignity

BOLIVIA - since 2002, we have been supporting the community at La Paz in Bolivia, where the Pope John XXIII Association has launched the Time to Live project. Fugar's own Progetto Vita involves raising funds for the maintenance of a welcome centre.



ZAMBIA - the Chichetekelo project, which means “Hope” in Bemba, the local language, was launched in 1997 to support homeless children and young people.



KENIA - we have been working alongside the Pope John XXIII Community since 1998 in the suburbs of Nairobi, in particular the shanty-town of Soweto (Kahawa West) and the surrounding areas.


fugar responsabile

ITALIA - the Dove c'e’ Casa c'e' Famiglia project - providing a welcome centre mainly for girls recently freed from prostitution or who decide to escape from their condition of slavery.




The human factor is fundamentally important at Fugar, and employees' full involvement is the true strength of our company.
Fugar's philosophy is of total respect for our values and our strong team spirit. Equal opportunities, listening to our employees' needs and expectations, protecting their health and improving the working environment are some of the underlying principles on which Fugar bases its relations with employees.




Fugar is constantly working to creating transparent relations and ways to dialogue with clients in order to improve our products and services. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is a guarantee of quality, in addition to the constant analyses we carry out of our own accord on our materials and facilities, and constant selection, monitoring and assessment of suppliers all guarantee our products and services. We conduct a wide range of client information initiatives and customer satisfaction monitoring activities.




Fugar is committed to constructing and maintaining stable, quality relations with our suppliers. Loyalty, transparency, collaboration, honesty and respect for contractual conditions are the hallmarks of Fugar's supplier relations.

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