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Our history began in Rimini in 1974, when our four founding partners - Umberto Gandi, Ermes Cinelli, Antorito Fuso and Giuliano Riccò - sales agents in the bakery and gelato sectors, decided to pool their activities and resources to offer clients a complete service.  Together, they founded the first Fugar company.



Two years later, buoyed by their success on the market and stimulated by a strong ambition, the four partners built the first "specialised supermarket" for gelato makers and bakers called FUGAR SAS - CENTRO DEL PASTICCERE E GELATIERE. The result was an authentic Cash & Carry, the first in Europe to sell all kinds of machinery, equipment and accessories.

The company rapidly grew to being a reference point for many laboratories and shops, and also began to specialise in interior design.



The company decided to accompany their growing commercial activities with the production of compound ingredients for baking and handmade gelato.



A new 2,000 m2 production plant was opened in the Rimini trade district, effectively separating the company's commercial and manufacturing activities. Soon after, Fugar Produzione SNC was formed.



Over the next couple of years, FUGAR PRODUZIONE SNC expanded its sales network to cover the entire country, definitively losing its status as a local company and promoting the company policy of Total Quality throughout Italy, showing the kind of strength and commitment that still make Fugar a leading company for quality in the sector. Their new size meant moving to facilities big enough to accommodate the process of growth and expansion, and the third production plant, still in use today, was opened in Verucchio at the beginning of the 1990s, covering an area of 14,000 m2.



With the aim of offering a complete service, the ARTE DOLCE school was set up within Fugar SAS CENTRO DEL PASTICCERE E GELATIERE, providing training courses for bakers, gelato-makers and restaurant owners.



FUGAR SAS - CENTRO DEL PASTICCERE E GELATIERE and FUGAR PRODUZIONE SNC merged into FUGAR PRODUZIONE SPA led, to this day, by Andrea Cinelli as CEO and Managing Director.



Fugar's thirty years of experience in the sector led to the creation of CORONELLI - a new brand designed to bring High Quality products directly to consumers.


Ever since 1974, year after year, an intense and exiting journey through research, innovation and exclusivity has led Fugar Produzione SpA to become a company with a strong history, looking towards a future of excellence. FUGAR PRODUZIONE S.P.A. is led by partner Andrea Cinelli, CEO and Managing Director, who alongisde partners Ermes Cinelli, Livia Tolomelli, Laura Fabbri, Luigi Camillini and the descendent of the much-missed Felice Bastianelli (Marisa, Simone and Emanuele) is leading the Fugar group to ever higher and more ambitious achievements.

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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