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Our history starts in Rimini in the first 70s for wish of the four partners founders, Umberto Gandi, Ermes Cinelli, Antorito Fuso, Giuliano Riccò, agents of commerce of the pastry and ice-cream sector.

Fugar SAS Centro del Pasticcere e Gelatiere was born, the first specialized supermarket in Europe which becomes very soon the point of reference for many laboratories and shops, also for furnishing planning.

The production of the first Fugar brand compound ingredients for artisan pastry shops and ice cream parlors begins.

Opening of a new factory of 2,000 square meters, which effectively separates business activity from production and, consequently, giving birth to Fugar Produzione snc.

Fugar Produzione Snc leaves its local identity and organizes a sales network that extensively covers the national territory. The third and current production plant of 14,000 square meters is inaugurated in Verucchio.

Fugar produces and enters the market with the first pure pistachio paste: the “Pistachio Smeraldo” (sicilian origin) is born. The semi-finished product that marks the beginning of a new era. With a view to providing a complete customer service, Arte Dolce was born. The training center for pastry chefs, ice cream makers, restaurant owners and bakers, led by Mario Morri.

The production of Base Panna begins, a low-dose powdered base, the first in the sector without hydrogenated vegetable fats.

It is the year of the launch on the market of Gran Cacao 22/24 dark, an exclusive blend of 5 types of fine cocoa from the best plantations in the world.

Fugar receives the gold medal for the high quality from the eminent Academy of Italian Master Confectioners for its Piedmont Hazelnut, Smeraldo Pistachio, Almond and Pine nut pastes.

Richard is born, hazelnut cocoa cream with hazelnut grains: the first example of a variegate with a crunchy effect.

Fugar receives the Gold Medal for the best Orange liquor from the eminent Academy of Italian Master Confectioners for Grand Orange 40 degrees.

The two companies “Fugar Sas Centro del Pasticcere e Gelatiere” and “Fugar Produzione snc” merge into Fugar Produzione S.p.A.

Fugar is awarded for the way of doing business and as example of social responsibility. The Fugar business experience is published in the text of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies entitled: “Corporate social responsibility: examples of Italian good practices”.

Coronelli was born from Fugar's thirty-year experience in the confectionery sector. A new brand that will have the task of bringing High Quality directly to consumers’ tables.

Biancherò is born. An exclusive and innovative neutral base for semifreddo free vfrom hydrogenated vegetable fats.

The Fugar R&D lab. makes a real “natural revolution”: the ólvi line is born, the first ice cream base without ingredients of animal origin. A unique and innovative project in the world of the ice cream. With ólvi Fugar actually anticipates what will be the food trend of the future.

Fugar presents the Salty Line, savory pastas that allow tasty gourmet combinations.

The packaging changes, a new elegant and refined look that reflects the excellence of all the productions.

Fugar signs a partnership with WWF, the largest world organization that works to protect the environment and endangered species.

The founding partner Ermes Cinelli acquires the entire company. An impressive development plan begins with the managing directors Luca Cinelli, Simone Bastianelli and Davide Gola.

Since 1974, year after year, an intense and exciting journey through research, innovation and exclusivity has led Fugar Produzione S.p.A. to become a company with a great past facing a future of excellence.

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