fugar mission

As a firm, we have strong roots in the local area, while working hard to grow on an international level with Honesty, Coherence and Professionalism, looking to Constantly Improve with a strong emphasis on Customer Satisfaction.

We want to play a leading role in the Bakery and Gelato sector, achieving the maximum Quality in every phase of our work, pursuing excellence and innovation in a constant dialogue between passion and experience.

We exclusively use raw materials that are NOT derived from Genetically Modified Organisms.

We comply with "Food additives" Regulation 1333/2008.

We offer a vast range of GLUTEN FREE products.

We have strict supplier selection procedures and rigid controls throughout the acceptance and production process.

We provide customers with technical/allergen information labels for all Fugar products.

We publish INFORMATION NOTES for customers in order to keep them constantly informed and up to date on regulations and food alerts relating to our sector.

We pay maximum attention and awareness to the "human factor", and our day-to-day interactions are conducted in line with our VALUES:






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