Caipiroska Cream
Caipiroskas bring to mind the warm beaches of Brazil and convivial moments. It is prepared with fresh fruit or juice, crushed with herbs and sugar on which you pour the vodka.
It is considered a tonic for the body and spirit. In the transposition adapted to ice cream and pastry, Fugar’s R&D department managed to evoke the colour and flavours of Caipiroska in a cream with no alcohol content.
Later, the collaboration with the masters of the Arte Dolce school of Rimini led to the creation of sweets that can provide a touch of colour and freshness to your shop window.
The possible combinations are numerous. Thinking about summer, when it comes to ice cream, originality is created in a tray, with the opportunity to fill flavours such as lemon, strawberry, lime, coconut, raspberry, basil ice cream... and many more.
As for pastry the Caipiroska cream can make special any baked good, mousse, or cake, where it will be inserted as a palet.

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Bellini Cream
The Bellini Cocktail was born in Venice, in the most exotic and sophisticated city in Italy, created by a bartender in the city’s most celebrated restaurant: the Harry’s Bar. What are its characteristics?

• its simplicity, as it is made up of only two ingredients;
• its scent, as few fragrances are more attractive than peach;
• its artistic inspiration, as it is dedicated to a painter;
• its elegance, as it is served in a flute glass.

Fugar has transferred the Bellini cocktail to the world of desserts. The result is a delicate cream that, in pastry, will give originality and a refined contrast when added to baked goods such as Colomba and Panettone.
It can make a mousse special and serve as a filling in cakes. It is also suitable in ice cream, to decorate both cream and fruit flavours.

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