When the word “sesame” is uttered, a thousand images come to mind, to which different interpretations are associated.
Mystification, religion, East, Sicily... these are just some of the spheres that this plant is able to encompass.
The white sesame seeds are very rich in calcium while the black ones, whose taste is more aromatic and lively, are used in the extraction of a characteristic oil.
Whatever the variety, sesame seeds seem to be the perfect candidates for the latest food trends, particularly in the confectionery sector.
Sesame seeds are highly appreciated as a great source of well-being and can enhance a dessert or an ice-cream flavour enriching it with pleasant combinations and chromatic contrasts.
Fugar presents two sesame seed pastes: the white variety, with its pure and smooth texture, and the black variety, containing small toasted black sesame seeds and charcoal, which give it an even darker shade.
The recreated taste evokes an intense, fragrant and pleasantly persistent taste.
100% Pure Sesame Paste (White) is available in 3 kg buckets, while Black Sesame Paste (With seeds) is available in 2,5 kg buckets.
The range is enriched by toasted white or black sesame seeds in bags of 3 kg each.

Pastry Magazine October-December 2019


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