5 grain bun
During the last thirty years a deep transformation has taken place in the concept of nutrition. While in the past food was considered as mere source of sustenance for body development and growth, nowadays it has become a means to raise life quality level. It is always more common to talk about functional foods, namely food that is able to bring benefits to one or more functions of the body to improve its health and well-being.
Cereals have a special position among these functional foods, even though they have been known for more than 10.000 years. Under a nutritional point of view, they represent an excellent source of energy as they are rich in carbohydrates. They also are source of proteins, mineral salts, vitamins and fibers, with low fat content . Let’s find out the 5 kinds of cereals selected by Fugar in order to realize the new cremino
...Spelt  The origin of this cereal seems to be located in Palestine. Starting from there, through nomads trade and movements, it reached Egypt and the whole Mediterranean area. It is a good source of proteins, iron and fibers. Neverthless, its main property is that it contains selenium and phytic acid, substances which contrast the action of free radicals, the main culprits for ageing and for all cell degeneration forms.
...Barley  Barley was a really popular kind of food in roman gladiators diet. Among them, it was appreciated as performance enhacer and mainly consumed in soup.This cereal is still appreciated for its anti-infiammatory properties, in particular for what concerns bowel and bladder. High in fibers, it is perfect to regulate and help gut. It contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, silicon and calcium. It contains, moreover, vitamins of group B and vitamin E.
...Oat  Dr. Johnosn, renowned English literary man, wrote these words about Oat on his dictionary (1755): “a grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland feed people.” Today oat has become a food of primary importance for human nutrition, useful especially to adjust cholesterol levels in blood and also to relieve nervousness, insomnia, physical and mental breakdown.
...Rise  The origins of rice are not clear. It is considered that the most ancient varieties showed up more than 15.000 years ago along Himalayan slopes. At the beginning of VIII century rice arrived in Europe through Spain when Arabs invaded the country, in the XI century they brought it to Sicily, where it was appreciated for its nutritional properties. Excellent probiotic, it is mostly known for being highly digestible and rich in potassium. Moreover, being is gluten free; it is suitable for coeliac consumption too.
...Wheat  - Wheat can be classified into two different categories: durum and common wheat. The common one is used for bakery, pastry and baked goods (such as biscuits, panettoni etc), while durum wheat is mainly used in the pasta industry. In order to obtain an excellent performance in bakery, common wheat has to be rich in gluten and gluten must be of high quality. On the other hand, to obtain a good performance in pasta, durum wheat must contain low extensible gluten; this way it is possible to obtain a resistant and not gluey kind of pasta.

In order to realize the 5 grain-bun cremino, Fugar Research and Development laboratory has selected the 5 most appreciated wheat typologies on market (spelt, barley, oat, rice, wheat) with a neutral and not intrusive flavour.
The cereals employed in this cremino are submitted to a swelling process which involves dry cooking at high temperatures and the following puffery through steam. The decision of using swelled cereals gives a more compact texture to the product and evokes a pleasant sensation of gentle crunchiness. Sunflower oil, fat-reduced cocoa, italian origin cereals (rice, wheat) and hazelnuts, are just some of the high quality ingredients that Fugar has selected for this tasty cremino. There is no trace of colorings and flavourings.
It is ideal in combination with fior di latte, white chocolate or white gianduia base, such as suggested in this Sigep fair.
41851 5 grain bun cremino

When the word “sesame” is pronounced thousand of images come to mind, to which several interpretations are consequently associated. Mystification, religion, East, Sicily... these are only few of the spheres that this plant can embrace.
Even now, the specific origin of this spice, Africa or India, remains unknown, but it seems that some trace was contained in Sumerian clay tablets.
What is curious is that in Greek times its consumption was even forbidden to the participants of the Olympic games. Athlets, in fact, were used to ingest sesame seeds to increase their performance: the first case of doping in history.
Under the variety point of view, there are three different typologies of sesame: white, black and red.
The white seeds are extremely rich in calcium, the red ones in iron, while the black ones, with a more aromatic and vibrant taste, are used in the extraction of a special oil, particularly widespread in the East.
Beyond the typology, sesame seeds seem to be the perfect candidates for the “food trend” of the moment, especially in the confectionery field.
Celebrated as a great wellness source, they are able to enhace a dessert or ice-cream flavour, enriching it with pleasant combinations and chromatic contrasts.
Fugar proposes two pure pastes with sesame seeds: a smooth one in the white variety and another in the black one, which contains small pieces of roasted sesame and vegetable black carbon, which confers a even more dark hue.
41854 Sesame 100% (white) - 41855 Black Sesame (with seeds) - 41856 Roasted black sesame seeds - 41859 Roasted white sesame seeds

Giuggiulena Kit
When the word sesame is introduced it is not possible to avoid talking about “Giuggiulena” or “Giurgiulena”, a typical sicilian dessert, also familiar in the Calabrian area.
Sicilian People use the word Giuggiulena to define their own sesame, in particular those seeds that, poured into honey and sugar, give life to this extremely tasty dessert.
It requires a very long preparation process, with time of rest of twenty-four hours. Once made, it is cut into rhombus or rectangles and served in single-doses.
For centuries, Giuggiulena has been identified with an poor and essential kind of food but substantial at the same time.
Nowadays, it is considered part of the Mediterranean confectioney tradition heritage, a meeting point between arabic and italian culture.
Fugar pays tribute to Giuggiulena with an exclusive Kit composed of: Cod. 41854 Sesame by kg. 3 - Cod. 41827 Caramel topping by kg. 6,6 - Cod. 41859 Roasted black sesame seeds By kg. 3

White Chocolate
Sometimes white chocolate does not enjoy of the proper reward from the most purist palates, who do not define it as real chocolate.
It is fair to underline that white chocolate history is relatively new.
It was created around 1930 by Nestlé Company in order to use the butter surplus coming from the processing of chocolate.
White chocolate, in fact, does not contain cocoa, but it is mainly made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk. The absence of cocoa makes white chocolate richer and “buttery” compared to the dark one; for this reason it is particularly appreciated by children, developing a a real addiction.
For real fans of this chocolate, the product in paste proposed by Fugar could not be missing in this Sigep edition.
The ice-cream made with this product will have a smooth and creamy texture and will be caracterised by a strong and intense taste.
41848 White Chocolate

Salty Caramel Cremino
Caramel, such as chocolate, is the undisputed protagonist of the confectionery imaginary of everyone of us. Who has never tasted it in soft mou candies, in some crème caramel or in the more classical birthday cakes?
Creamy and dense, it can be easily combined with chocolate, leaving an unforgettable and sensual taste to the palate.
During 2018 Sigep fair we have appreciated it also in its topping salty version, capable to provide pleasant contrasts on ice-cream and dessert.
Today, caramel line has one more ally: the salty caramel variegato, with a more fluid texture and more suitable for ice-cream and dessert refinishing.
The savoury taste is always given from the esteemed Cervia salt, particularly appreciated for it lightness and for not being intrusive.
The sweetened concentrated milk will oppose to its sweetness, giving texture and creaminess to the product. Success is guaranteed.
41849 Salty Caramel Cremino

Lime, a fruit which is a crossing between lemon and cedar, is a very pungent and sourish citrus.
In history this fruit has been mostly unknown to mediterranean and south Italy populations.
Rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid, it was discovered by English people in India and Malaysia areas as a proper sobsitute of mediterranean lemon, which had always been considered too expensive in trade negotiations.
Its juice is characterised for being pretty sour but at the same time this peculiarity confers a pleasant refreshing feeling; this is why lime is usually used as palate cleanser.
Its sourishness and bitterness are able to create a balanced contrast if associated to specific sweet flavours like caramel, pumpkin, condensed milk, etc..
Fugar Research and Development laboratory has designed for Sigep 2019 a Lime concentrated paste which encloses all properties and tasting shades of this tiny green citrus.
Lime juice, lime natural flavouring and natural colorings (safflower extract, chlorophyllin) have been incorporated to the product, in order to keep the original natural character of the product at its best.
41850 Lime

Kit Gourmet
Composed of: Cod. 41757 - Prezioso C/ Vegan Grains Kg. by 1,2 - Cod. 41752 - Blanco - Nr. 1 bucket by Kg. 1,2 - Cod. 41844 - Crema De Sol by Kg. 1,3 - Cod. 41845 - Salty Peanuts by Kg. 1,1 - Cod. 41846 - Salty Pistacchio by Kg. 1,1 - Cod. 41847 - Salty Almond by Kg.1,1

Kit Dessert
Composed of:
Carton 1:
Cod. 40489 Mascarpone by kg. 5.5
Cod. 41384 Cioccoloca by kg. 6

Carton 2:
Cod. 41430 - Biancherò by kg. 3
Cod. 41307 - Honey strawberries kg. 3
Cod. 40407 - Strawberry by kg. 3
Cod. 41464 - Strawberry Extra Shine by kg. 3
Cod. 41469 - Neutra Extra Shine by kg. 3
Cod. 41795 - Gelée Vegan by kg. 3

Sorbet with high protein content, low in fat and without added sodium/salt, suitable for those who do not want to give up a fresh and delicious snack.
Ideal for being savored before and during sports training;
The different sources of carbohydrates (maltodextrins and cyclodextrins), expertly mixed, allow to supply energy in a prolonged and gradual manner with advantages on the required performances.
Why choose Fit Sorbet?
• Because it contains cyclodextrins (vegetable fiber), which in sports is a precious and constant source of carbohydrates, in stages of pre and during training.
• Because it contains maltodextrins (complex carbohydrates) that allow glucose levels to be kept balanced during physical performance and they turn out to be quickly digestible. Maltodextrins are also characterized by a low glycemic index.
• Because it is a product with a high protein content, low in fat and without added sodium/salt.
• Because it is fresh and tasty!

Cod. 41865 Fit vanilla sorbet
Cod. 41866 Fit cocoa sorbet

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