Fugar chooses to pay tribute to the Belgian confectionery tradition of Christmas
Let’s take a backward step to 1932 in the Belgian city Lembeke.
Here is where the famous biscuit Lotus was born, inspired by the typical Belgian shortbread “speculoos”.
They are delicious spicy and crunchy biscuits, characterized by brown sugar, butter and cinnamon in the mixture. The tradition says that they must be prepared for Saint Nicholas day, on the 6th of December, even though today they are popular and appreciated every month of the year.
Along with the few and simple ingredients contained in the traditional speculoos, in Lotus shortbread we can find caramelized sugar which gives a unique taste and a greedy crunchiness. As a result of its taste and its unique shape, this typical Belgian specialty has quickly gained millions of followers in the world. Today  more than one billion three-hundred-thousand Lotus biscuits are sold in the best hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Fugar was able to reproduce the exclusive and familiar taste of this biscuit through the creation of two creams: Sweet Crust (paste) and Sweet Crust (variegato).
Both products have inside biscuit powder similar to Lotus, which makes it possible the production of an intense ice cream flavour, creamy and spicy.

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