In the world of food it is well known that peanuts go nicely with everything.
This legume which, due to its texture, flavour and aroma is often associated with the nut family, has gained an interesting space in ice cream and pastry shops, thanks to its versatility and its wide range of flavours. At the time of roasting, for example, peanuts take on a sweetish tone, with definite notes of chocolate, but at the same time releases a slight savoury flavor, ending in a pleasant bitter hint. For this reason we often see it combined with savoury dishes but also with sweet ingredients, such as cocoa and caramel.
Fugar chooses an even bolder combination: salted caramel, to enhance the sweet and savoury tones naturally present in peanuts.
Thus was born Crunchytella, an innovative product with a hybrid consistency: halfway between a creamy and crunchy ripple and a soft “stracciatella”.
The taste is typical of salted caramel, enriched by the addition of roasted peanuts in pieces, to recreate the "crunchy" effect.
What makes Crunchytella special is its multiple use in both ice cream and pastry making; excellent as a crunchy ripple for ice cream, but also as a soft cover or insert for semifreddo and ice cream on sticks.

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