“Heretical, forger, esoteric, spy, painter, scientist, architect: there are plenty of stories about Leonardo da Vinci. Maybe because his biography is full of mysteries which haven’t been solved yet.
Indeed we know he was eclectic, to the limit of schizophrenia, extremely curious and the one who took notes of anything that occurred to him.
In his last will, the Tuscan genius pointed to the young Francesco Melzi as the heir of his most precious treasure: tutti et ciascheduno li libri (all the books he ows), which refers to thousand of papers with notes, manuscripts and illustrations of the most various topics, gathered during his whole life.
This is how the story of Leonardo’s codices started, which during the centuries have scattered all around the world.
Among these ones, the most anomalous and eccentric was found during a relocation by Ascanio Righi, pastry chef at Vinci, according to the legend in the spaces which were the same where the mill of Leonardo’s family was located.
It is a yellowed notebook, whose pages (despite today being reduced to a fragment) are still readable. Inside there are notes of confused thoughts, counts of incomes and outflows, drawings and recipes of sweets.
Such freak recipes! As reported by the authors, they had miraculous powers and original forms.”

As a result of a cooperation between Fugar and Simona Bertocchi, writer of the book ‘I pasticci di Leonardo’, has been created a pastry and ice cream line inspired by the genius.

Below the ‘pasticci’ (hashes):
cod. 41863 Neve di Latte
cod. 41862 Violets cream
cod. 41870 Melissa
cod. 41864 Vento del Moro
cod. 41871 Strawberry Grapes
cod. 41868 Il Moro cream
cod. 41875 Caterina’s Clouds
cod. 41877 Caterina Cream
cod. 41876 Lavender
cod. 41880 Date
cod. 41882 Pomegranate Cream
cod. 41881 Turmeric Extra Shine
Cod. 41457 Sweet almond
Cod. 41886 Orange cream with slices candied orange
Cod. 41887 Pomegranate extra shine
Cod. 41890 Caramel Amboise
Cod. 41891 Bitter Orange Cream
Cod. 41913 Elderflower paste
Cod. 41915 Salaì cream
Cod. 41914 Blueberry Extra Shine
Cod. 41918 Cinnamon
Cod. 41919 Zabaglione cream
Cod. 41920 Fruits of the Forest Extra Shine
Cod. 41923 The Apple of Sin
Cod. 41924 Chili Pepper Extra Shine

Visiting the website www.ipasticcidileonardo.com you can find out the places where to find these delicious and prodigious pasticci.


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