Once again, Fugar represents the Élite of Quality!
The growing seriusness and frequency of episodes of food safety related alerts have severely tested consumers’ trust in the food chain.
Organizations have increasing need of giving evidence of their commitment and capacity to be able to manage and keep the risks under control in order to safeguard the consumer.
In order to respond to these needs, the most authorative group of interest, which unifies agri-food companies at International level, created the “Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)”, whose main goal is to bring “Safe food to the consumers of the whole world”.
This way 22000 - Food Safety System Certification standard was born, with the aim of putting together and standardise the ISO 22000 standard (Managing system for food safety) requirements, with detailed pre-requisites specific for the dedicated sector and also supplementing them with a protection system in the context of Food Defense and Food Fraud.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that Fugar, conscious of the ever-growing pressures in the food safety context, fully voluntary decided to start this extremely demanding and ambtious certifying process.

The achieving of FSSC 22000 certification from the DNV-LG authorative organisation allows us to supply products that continuosly satisfy our faithful customers needs by guaranteeing an afficient and reliable service, achieving high food safety standards in the productive processes and along the supply chain.

FSSC 22000 certification, being also internationally recognised by GFSI, allows Fugar to obtain international recognition as reliable supplier, demonstrating its own credentials. FSSC 22000 certification therefore represents the fifth certificatoin scheme approved by GFSI after BRC, IFS, SQF 2000 and Dutch HACCP programs for food processing companies.

Fssc 22000 certification scheme consequently represents a powerful reference framework for the management system for food safety, an efficient way for hazard identification and management based on HACCP principles, able to optimize  the efficiency and effectiveness in the agri-food safety field.

We are sure that you will appreciate the daily commitment lavished by the whole company staff with the aim of guaranteeing quality services and products.


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