The slogan, “the perfect balance between pudding and ice-cream” includes the real spirit of the Flan Line, launched by Fugar few years ago.
Inspired to the typical French dessert, this line has gained its space in the display freezer, thanks to its peculiar texture and smoothness: solid and soft as a pudding, easy to put on ice-cream and to digest like a traditional ice-cream.
There is no other product with such a particular texture in the ice-cream field, most importantly there isn’t any vegan line with the same characteristics on the market. 
Fugar has decided to move toward a new direction: expand a new successful line, more and more oriented to vegan consumers.
As a result, Fugar created four new Flan flavors, which are entirely vegan and follow the principles of a vegan diet:mango, orange, fruits of the forest and comfit.
These products are delicious and are characterized by a clean label; among the ingredients we can find sweet almonds, brown sugar, noble oils and natural fibers.
Easy to use: adding water and dextrose we can make a soft Flan; without any additional ingredients, it’s the ideal product to variegate and fill.
This is a good way to attract new customers


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