Vegan crème brûlée

Vegan crème brûlée

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Powdered mix with vegetable ingredients of high quality ideal to prepare two of the most popular desserts at restaurant in their vegan version: crème brûlée and crème caramel.


brown sugar, maize starch, cocoa butter powder, coconut milk powder, maltodextin, vegetable proteins, dehydrated glucose syrup, stabilizers carob bean gum carrageenan, flavourings, colouring annatto.

Use mode

400 g of compound ingredient per 100 g of water (dose for 14 servings by 100 g). Boil  water and melt the mixture whisking. Pour the cream in the specific moulds and cool down. Before serving dust the cream with brown sugar and caramelized with the specific culinary torch. (To obtain Crème Caramel combine the dessert with caramel sauce). Store in the fridge at 4° C. The possible formation of little lumps is due to the presence of cocoa butter.

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Cod. 41781 - Small bags kg. 1,2, in boxes 12 small bags

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