In order to guarantee the conservation of a substance or food there are safe and appreciated techniques which ideally preserve the organoleptic features:  freeze-drying, spray-dry technique and drying.
The food is dehydrated and when it’s used it is rehydrate adding water. The technological advantages of these methods made it possible to employ them for the conservation and the safeguard of foodstuff for infants. The new Armonica mix benefits from these technologies.
Food to rehydrate is also the basis of astronauts’ nutrition on mission because it is lightweight and safe in terms of healthcare.
Armonica Fugar is a blend made of milk and cream powder, complete with natural fibers, ideal to produce creamy ice creams. Let’s leave out the standard concept of ice cream base. The starting point is more than that.
There is a new count of animal fat material. Whole milk is added to the Italian Alpine skimmed milk. We also find cream powder as a new conception. Sugar is mainly the brown one. A good ice cream structure is due to vegetable fibers originated from potatoes (alpha-cyclodextrin) and from carob bean gum and guar gum extremely pure. It becomes important the use of good water, without odd scents. The great creaminess result in ice cream, with a clean label, has never been reached before also because the air absorption is surprising.

Salty Caramel
The contrast sweet-salty in food and sweets has always characterized the cooking and pastry history, It is a contradiction that creates balance. Today that it is always more common to analyze the sensorial effects of food appreciation, a higher satisfaction for this refined combination comes out.
In Salty Caramel by Fugar, the correct structure and density obtained by the presence of condensed milk recreates the unique taste of mou caramel. Moreover you can taste the notes, not too strong, of the prestigious salt from Cervia, defined for this reason with an original oxymoron, the ’sweet salt’.
Our new topping filling gives the best result on ice cream, cream and desserts.

The most sold topping sauce in the ice cream market and Ho.Re.Ca. world is caramel. It’s quite a difficult challenge to create a really good version of it obtaining the right combination of taste and colour. Infact in our field it’s common to find variations that are too light in colour and poor in taste, or extremely dark and cooked, with scents of burnt.
We introduce the interpretation by Fugar of this classic product, realized with intense but balanced tones, with no bad aftertastes, with the correct fluidity. It covers and don’t slip very much, the reason why it can easily be combined with the standard consistencies of ice cream and pastry sector. Shiny-amber colour and reflections.

Chocolate Negro Amargo Más
Chocolate Negro Amargo, inspired by "Chocolate Amargo" (dark chocolate) from Spanish language, is covered with a new skin, with an even darker colour and characterized by an intense and decisive flavour that only bitter cocoa can give.
From a product already of high-quality, Fugar has created Chocolate Negro Amargo Más, in order to respond positively to the requests of the most demanding customers who claimed an extra dark chocolate
The product is a powdered mix characterized by a high percentage of cocoa (over 30%) which gives the finished ice cream a strong colour, tending to black, without the use of colourings neither natural nor artificial.
To reduce the bitter taste of cocoa, brown sugar has been added as a sugary substance, in line with the health principles of the vegan diet.
To complete the aforementioned ingredients, we will have cocoa butter powder which will make the ice cream soft and spreadable,  che renderà il gelato morbido e spatolabile, without further devices.
The Chocolate Negro Amargo Más, just like the "older brother" Negro Amargo, is practical and quick to work; it is necessary to add only hot water.

Fior di Panda
Often you bump into ice cream makers who have never studied in depth what the customers like most about fior di latte flavour: a delicate ice cream characterized, in fact, by the notes of milk? A richer and creamier product like fior di panna? A mixed version with notes marked by vanilla? Our tests tell us that the greatest liking is determined by a soft/velvety taste of fresh cream, rich but without covering the rest with flavourings and a remote fragrance of vanilla. Then, a moderate sugar supply.
From these instructions comes the confectionery composition Fior di Panda that marks, thanks to the ingredients that we describe, a new era in the preparation of cream-flavored ice cream blends.
From the Italian Alps we will no longer have the best milk powder, but also whole. In addition, in order to achieve the complete lipid intake, have been introduced the fats of spray-dryer cream, which offer stability in taste and structure, allowing an excellent incorporation of air.
In order to guarantee the pleasantness of the final aromatization we have used the precious vanilla pods extract.
Fior di panda is a white and creamy flavour which offers freshness without preservatives and a shelf life of 18 months.

Ciocco Panda
Cocoa is grown in the areas of the earth that are close to or included in the equatorial belt.
Often, to those longitudes, the rights of the farmers, the correct harvesting methods, the quality controls of the first stages of fruit processing are not insured.
It was a long and intricate job to create a complete mix conceived for an ice cream, which can be defined as real chocolate and with a satisfying taste. Even more complex was obtaining the approval by the WWF, guaranteeing all aspects described above.
Our Ciocco Panda, born from the partnership between Fugar and WWF, with the only addition of very hot water, produces a real milk chocolate ice cream, because it contains cocoa butter, fat reduced cocoa, the new cream powder and the unique Italian Alpine milk powder.
While the darker and bitter versions of chocolate are almost exclusively dedicated to adult consumers, with the milk version we include all age brackets , from children to the elderly people.

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