While WWF creates oasis’ to protect the pandas life and other animal species in danger, Fugar introduces this exclusive partnership in order to bring to market ’the panda flavours’, which will remind you of bamboo, especially its fibre. We have chosen bamboo fibre for its countless properties and flexibility. This white powder, extracted in a natural way from a bamboo plant, can absorb a high quantity of water and hold humidity. It improves the structure and texture of ice cream, making it creamier and smoother. From a nutritional point of view it reduces the amount of fats and calories it absorbs, without modifying the flavour.
Among the ingredients of these new products, Lemon Bambù and Lampon Bambù, we can not only find bamboo fibre but also dehydrated flesh of Baobab fruit, which along with inulin and alpha-ciclodextrin can replace the traditional thickeners and emulsifiers.
Following this ‘green’ line, Fugar does not use artificial flavourings and synthetic colourings.
In the product Lemon Bambù there is no trace of colourings, but in the Lampon Bambù mix natural red beetroot colouring has been used.
Both products have been studied to simplify an ice cream maker’s life: it is only required to add water and ólvi fruit to the powdered mix.

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