Ólvi is the innovative line of Fugar, in bakery and ice cream sector, which follows the new food philosophies connected with ethical principles, products for food intolerances or aimed to wellness.
Consumers, more and more oriented to satisfy their taste through an exclusive vegetable diet, considered extremely important for their health, commonly use the expression “vegan ice cream”.
Ólvi Line has become part of the vegan world in a naturally and leading way, in fact nowadays there’s a big increase of “mono brand” ice-cream parlors, ólvi branded.
This is a new scenery in the world of food, usually more frequent in the field clothing.
Many ice-cream parlors have been successful both in big cities and small towns using only one Ólvi product, in terms of business.
The result was amazing, but now it’s not enough anymore. Customers want new combination of flavors, in order to increase the range and create new ólvi flavors.
Fugar inserts in the catalogue vegan cream line, in addition to the wellknown pure pastes
The selection is made of the most appreciated flavors: hazelnut, pistachio, coffee and almond.
This cream line can be used without any additional ingredient to variegate ice-cream or to fill desserts. They are emulsified with soy lecithin (without mono and diglycerides), with brown sugar and completely without palm oil.

All flavors have the certification Vegan ok.

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