The Dream

With my heartfelt emotion I’m writing down one of my personal, precious, confidential thought,
that I have jealously kept for myself since 1999.

We could define it as a thought, a goal, an aim, but personally I’d rather define it as my Dream.
I’d like to share with you my Dream, because, without sharing dreams are meaningless wishes.

I’d like to declare and make it official in writing, trusting that my Dream will come true and will become the basis,
the foundations of the company culture for all the internal and external partners of Fugar, today, tomorrow and in the future.

My Dream is to build a big company which could introduce a different way of doing business,
revolutionary, exciting, enthralling and winning.

I Dream about an organization with blood that runs in the veins,
with a throbbing heart, a soul that lives with emotions and works with passion.
I Dream about a company where people make the difference, with the same point of view of thinking, dreaming and operating,
where the daily operations are lived with enthusiasm, passion, involvement,
great sense of belonging and team spirit, in order to cooperate and support each other against obstacles
and to constitute a motivated and winning team.
I Dream about a company without “subordinates”, “employees” and/or “workers”,
but only with “Partners”, “Friends”, “Team Partners”,
with the same shared targets, aware of the fact how important they are for each other.
I Dream about a peaceful working environment that conveys strength and positivity,
with a full company values sharing, such as:
Respect, Fidelity, Diligence, Honesty, Transparency.
I Dream to build a strong, purposeful, brave, responsible, expert team of collaborators and managers,
which identifies itself with the word US, that projects itself into the future without fears, able to pass down
Fugar company culture and its values to all those people who will come later.

This Dream is so much vital and strong in me, and gives me strength never to give up,
with the awareness that this present Dream will become Reality in the future.

Andrea Cinelli

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