While WWF creates oasis’ to protect the pandas life and other animal species in danger, Fugar introduces this exclusive partnership in order to bring to market ’the panda flavours’, which will remind you of bamboo, especially its fibre. We have chosen bamboo fibre for its countless properties and flexibility. This white powder, extracted in a natural way from a bamboo plant, can absorb a high quantity of water and hold humidity. It improves the structure and texture of ice cream, making it creamier and smoother. From a nutritional point of view it reduces the amount of fats and calories it absorbs, without modifying the flavour.
Among the ingredients of these new products, Lemon Bambù and Lampon Bambù, we can not only find bamboo fibre but also dehydrated flesh of Baobab fruit, which along with inulin and alpha-ciclodextrin can replace the traditional thickeners and emulsifiers.
Following this ‘green’ line, Fugar does not use artificial flavourings and synthetic colourings.
In the product Lemon Bambù there is no trace of colourings, but in the Lampon Bambù mix natural red beetroot colouring has been used.
Both products have been studied to simplify an ice cream maker’s life: it is only required to add water and ólvi fruit to the powdered mix.



Fugar increases more its range of variegatos and introduces three kind of creams, which could satisfy international customers who are not only careful at quality but also at price.

Variegato Wafer
Studies show that hearing is really important when we want to buy something, in fact some famous companies have dedicated lots of resources looking for ‘the crunch’, in order to attract and loyalize the customers.
Following this principle, Fugar suggests Variegato Wafer in this Sigep edition, in honour of the delicious and crunchy wafer, the most consumed in the world. Fugar Wafer contains crumbled wafers as well as fat-reduced cocoa and hazelnuts which give that crunchy and persistent taste. It is ideal to use with a flavoured gianduia paste.

Variegato Frollino
Shortbread is definetely the most appreciated biscuit for breakfast or just to dip in the milk. Its crumbly and tender consistency makes it the ideal product to use also in ice cream parlors, creating endless combinations of flavour. Fugar suggests a variegato which contains pieces of cocoa shortbread with a rich taste, slightly vanilla-flavoured. It is ideal to combine with vanilla biscuit paste (code 41580).

Variegato Fragolina
The Wild strawberry was already known in Greek and Roman times. It is said that it was especially aprreciated by the Latin poets Ovidio and Virgilio. Its peculiarities are the scent and the taste, stronger than the strawberries which are cultivated in a green house, but also its healthy properties. In fact it is rich in vitamin C, sulphur, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.
The Variegato Fragolina that we introduce in this fair is different from the classic one for the use of semi-candied wild strawberries (20%), which we can also find in whole pieces inside the product. It is ideal to combine with the powdered mix Cheesecake.

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